Here's a tutorial for how to order your own BillStamp stamp, completely bypassing and using a 3rd-party stamp-printing service. This offers the additional advantage that you can customize the stamp however you want; edit the text, get a fancier/cheaper stamp model, start your own version of, whatever you want!

Here's the tutorial (Cost: $23 [free shipping!]) on how to order your own stamp from a 3rd party stamp-manufacturer:

Download the Original Image File

Click on one of these designs to open it in a new tab:

Then, with the full-size image in its own tab, right-click it and save it somewhere you can get to it easily (the Desktop usually works).


I've scouted lots of sources, and and are the cheapest. Go to their "Self Inking Stamps" page and get one of these models: Trodat 4927, Ideal 300, or S-830. RRSE has free shipping on orders over $10!

tutorial step 2


Choose the Trodat 4927 stamp

I've found this to be the best stamp to give both a good price and a large image. It also comes with its own inkpad and is easier to use than the cheaper "art-mounted" stamps on the site.

tutorial step 3


Select Image

Click this button and go find the image you downloaded in Step 1.

tutorial step 4


Verify Preview

If my calculations are correct, the preview shouldn't give any problem. But if you want it smaller or bigger (you shouldn't have to go bigger; the provided image has practically no margin), you can adjust that below with "Scale Uploaded Image." When done, "Add to Cart!"

tutorial step 5

Step "DONE"

Do I need to spell out the rest for you? Click "Secure Checkout," add a replacement inkpad if you want (I suggest red to catch the eye, or black for clarity), let your e-shopping skills take over, and you should be stamping bills in about a week!

And once you have a stamp...

Here are some stamping tips.